Users have the option to use and integrate our SMS API to implement SMS notifications, OTP, Reminders, 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) in their workflows. comes with fully secure SSL SMS API for any environment or development language allowing you to connect the tools and applications you use or provide directly with our SMS gateway.

By integrating our API into your tools and processes, you will be able to achieve a fully automated solution to be in contact with your receivers without the need for manual interaction or the need to use our website.

For the detailed technical documentation on our API, please refer to this link.

Depending on the software or tool you are using or on your security standards, you can choose one of the following methods to create an access token for the API:

API key

1.  Open the API Clients section in the left hand menu of your account and go to the part API Key Authentication.

2. Enter a title  and click on generate. A useful title is usually the name of the application you are trying to connect from.

3. For your security the API key that will be generated is masked and needs to be made visible first via the eye icon so you can copy and use it in the other application's settings or in your application code. 

API Client & Secret

1. In order to use API, you must obtain a API Client ID and Secret. To get these, login into web application then click on API Clients in the left side panel of your dashboard. 

2. In the next page, click on Create New button. 

3. Enter the API Client details or use an existing one if you have any. Click Create button when you're done. 

4. When you create a new client you have to provide only a name just to remember later and to organize different clients that you will create. You may have multiple applications, which make use of our API and may want to separate them by creating one API client for each of your applications to be able to differentiate their interactions with our services.

After creating a client, the system will provide you a Client ID and a Client Secret which are necessary to continue making requests to our API.



The above process will also help you in case you plan to make use of our integrations & add-ins, for example:

For the detailed technical documentation on our API, please refer to this link.
If you have questions or need help with our integration, please email us at